TONYMOLY Make HD Dry Shampoo Spray

TONYMOLY Make HD Dry Shampoo Spray

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Product Description

Product Description

Korean TONYMOLY Make HD Dry Shampoo Spray 60ml Beauty Care Description

  • Volume: 60ml
  • This spray shampoo will transform oily hair into refresh ingly fragrant hair by simply being sprayed onto hair anywhere and anytime without using water.
  • Washed head and clean well-groomed hair – this is how to begin evaluation of the appearance.
  • To be always with fresh hair even when late for work or school, travel, hike, the hospital will help you TONY MOLY Make HD Dry Shampoo.
  • Dry spray shampoo contains specially designed complex that instantly absorbs fat, removes unpleasant smell, leaving hair clean with a delicate aroma of freshness, without using water.
  • It helps quickly and at any time cause hair in order.

TONYMOLY Make HD Dry Shampoo Spray 60ml –  How to Use:

  • Shake and Spray from a distance of 20cm to loose hair closer to the roots.Massage to allocate funds for the entire length of hair. Carefully comb the hair comb. If you want to shake off the remnants of dry shampoo. Your hair is clean again.