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Product Description

The eye masks relaxes dry and fatigued eyes resulting from frequent use of smartphones or computers, or through overworking and stress.

Warmth at about 41.5℃lasts for around 20 minutes to comfort eyes, and disposable patch type makes it sanitary.

Capacity : 5 pieces

As from the saying “Sleep is restorative,” sleep is closely related to health

- Reorganization of energy necessary for the next day after organizing the activities during the day

- Streee relief and fatigue recovery through reduction of free radicals in the body during sleep

- Secretion of immune hormone called melatonin for anticancer effect and reinforcement of immunity

- Secretion of growth hormones and creation of white blood cells required for growing children

Sleep sheet with adorable panda design! It blocks light and creates heat!

Maximum temperature 45℃, average temperature 41.5℃, heat lasts for 20 minutes

(It lasts twice as long as the 10 minutes of Japan’s Megurism)

Fragrance free product for those sensitive to smell

- Fragrance that can hinder sound sleep has been removed for those sensitive to odor to provide only heat for sound sleep. Fragrance free for those sensitive to smell, it helps comfortable rest.

How to use

Tear the cutting line in the center of the eye mask and wear it so the illustrated side of the mask faces outward.


1. Do not use when using eye drops.

2. The temperature of heat and period of lasting warmth may depend on the environment.

3. Sometimes, the warmth may not be sensed well if the temperature of the environment is low.

4. If you are sensitive to heat, insensitive to heat, or are medically treated, consult a physician or pharmacist before use.

5. If you feel the mask is too hot, immediately discontinue use.

6. Discontinue use in case of eczema, rash, redness, itchiness, etc., and consult a physician.

7. Do not press eyes while wearing the eye mask.

8. Immediately discontinue use if physical abnormalities are sensed.

9. Do not use damaged eye mask.

10. If the contents from damaged/torn eye mask comes in contact with skin, wash with water or wet towel, and if the contents get into eyes, do not rub and rinse thoroughly with water. Consult a physician in case of irritation.

11. Do not store in areas under direct sunlight, with high temperature, or near heat source (electrical brazier, PC, etc.)

Major Ingredients

Polypropylene film, polyethylene, felt, active charcoal, iron