SULWHASOO-Radiance Energy Mask (Online Exclusive)

SULWHASOO-Radiance Energy Mask (Online Exclusive)

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Introducing the new Radiance Energy Mask: a clarifying sleeping mask designed to deliver crystal-clear radiance to the skin by detoxifying, smoothing and nourishing its deepest layers overnight. Formulated with the rarest form of Jade, White Jade, a precious gemstone known for its hydrating and restoring abilities, Radiance Energy Mask is brought to life with the use of Sulwhasoo’s exclusive Jadesphere™ technology, delivering the gemstone’s powerful purifying and fortifying energy deep into the skin. This unique technology refines and optimizes White Jade’s natural efficacies, helping nourish damaged skin while removing impurities, to reveal brighter and smoother skin by morning. Indulge in an exceptional beauty treatment and experience the power of luxurious White Jade, traditionally known as a symbol of noble beauty and dignity. Let the precious gemstone revitalize stressed, dehydrated and dull skin overnight, and wake up with an immaculately radiant and dramatically smooth complexion.