Sulwhasoo -Inner Charging Serum for Men

Sulwhasoo -Inner Charging Serum for Men

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  • Jeongyangdan, a blend of age-defying herbs like ginseng extracts, dwarf lilyturf and ginger fortifies the natural regeneration of men’s skin. Ginseng root revitalizes it by caring the root causes of aging. Dwarf lilyturf comfortably soothes your skin for even deeper hydration. 
  • Sulwhasoo’s unique Oriental Woody fragrance designed for men. The woody and herbal notes help deliver serenity to the body and mind and the fresh scents of pine and camphor help energize, while rich and warm sandalwood calms the mind.

  • In a consumer test, 96% of men said they would recommend Sulwhasoo MEN Inner Charging Serum to others*. 96% agreed that it:
  • Relieved deeper wrinkles
  • Restored skin's resilience
  • Evens skin tone
  • Re-energizes and revitalizes skin

  • * DermaPro. Survey results on more than 20 men between 35 and 45

    How to use: After cleansing or shaving, release an appropriate amount to gently pat on skin from center to contour to boost absorption.