AIR CUSHION® XP INTENSE COVER #I21 Intense cover vanilla

AIR CUSHION® XP INTENSE COVER #I21 Intense cover vanilla

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  1. Consisting of over 30% Mineral Water XP, AIR CUSHION XP hydrates skin and boosts skin radiance

    Highly-enriched mineral water obtained from the cleanest regions optimizes skin's water-oil balance, moisturizes, nourishes and boosts skin health and radiance

  2. Siberia Peptide 6 Selection & Pore Elastomer for improved skin firmness and pore control

    Siberia Peptide 6 Selection

    Amorepacific developed Siberia Peptide 6 Selection with its proprietary technologies, by mixing peptide compounds extracted from six plant species that grow withstanding extreme weather conditions in Siberia. These six plants species include Siberian saxifrage, Potentilla palustris (L.) Scopoli, Golden Root, Siberian Fir Tree, Siberian Birch Tree and Chaga. Siberia Peptide 6 Selection boosts skin firmness and smoothens skin.
    (Patent Application No. 10-2009-008133 for “Compound Containing Botanical Glycoprotein Extracts”)

    About Siberia Peptide?

    Siberia Peptide is structural protein found in the primary cell wall in plant cell. It is produced in large quantities during the growth phase of a plant, or when a cell wall is damaged.

    Pore Elastomers

    Pore Elastomer absorbs sebum to reduce greasiness and forms a thin membrane to conceal pores.

  3. Contains three types of vitamin (vitamin B5, vitamin E derivative, vitamin P) to give more moist and radiant skin


    • Use in the step of makeup base or foundation after applying basic skincare products, or reapply when sun protection is needed in the afternoon. (You can use the product before/after makeup)

    <Before Makeup>

    • Put an adequate amount on the puff and then gently dab it onto the skin and blend in the skin texture

    <After Makeup>

    • Put an adequate amount on the puff and lightly pat it onto the skin

    *If nothing comes out when you press the cushion with your fingers, it means that it is used up. You need to replace it with a new refill.